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Polestar Anatomy

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About This Course

This 8-hour course will teach you the basic anatomy of the body. Eryn Apanovitch, Assistant Professor at the University of Miami, will go through the bones, joints, muscular contributions to movement, and vascular structures of each section of the body. Shelly Power and Brent Anderson will also contribute with discussion regarding movement application of the anatomy. If you need an anatomy credit to take the Polestar curriculum, or just want to refresh on your knowledge of the body, this course is for you!


  • Interest in the human body and movement.


Eryn (Aponovitch) Milian

Eryn (Aponovitch) Milian, PhD, DPT

Dr. (Apanovitch) Milian has been a licensed physical therapist for 10 years. Her clinical expertise is in orthopedics and specifically knee injuries. (ACL, meniscus). She received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of MIami. She went on to pursue her PhD in physical therapy with a specialty in anatomical sciences and outcome measures.

Currently, Dr. (Apanovitch) Milian is an assistant professor within the department of physical therapy at the University of Miami. She teaches gross anatomy and neuroscience in the doctorate of physical therapy program. In addition to teaching, her research interest focus on degenerative meniscus tears and ACL injuries in the adolescent sports.

Brent Anderson

Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, PMA®-CPT

Founder, Polestar Pilates

A licensed physical therapist and orthopedic certified specialist for more than 22 years, Brent is a leading authority in performing arts medicine and Pilates-evolved techniques for rehabilitation. He lectures widely at national and international symposia and consults with hospitals, universities, and rehabilitation and wellness companies throughout the world. In addition, he owns and operates Polestar Physical Therapy and Pilates Center in Miami, FL, which serves as a model for the use of Pilates for rehabilitation.

Brent received his degree in Physical Therapy at University of California, San Francisco in 1989 and his PhD. in Physical Therapy at the University of Miami in 2005. His doctoral thesis explored the impact of Pilates rehabilitation on chronic low back pain using psycho-emotional wellness and quality of life measures. He is currently adjunct faculty at the University of Miami, Division of Physical Therapy.

From his extensive background in rehabilitation and movement science, Brent has applied critical reasoning skills and supportive scientific research to Joseph Pilates' revolutionary mind-body work. He also brings to the Polestar curriculum an investigation of the effects of psychology and energy systems on motor control and motor learning.

Shelly Power

Shelly Power, BS, PMA®-CPT

Shelly Power is the co-founder of Polestar Pilates Center Miami, a Pilates conditioning, rehabilitation and physical therapy studio in Miami, Florida. Shelly is a Polestar Principal Educator, has taught for Polestar Education since its inception in 1992 and currently coordinates the Curriculum Committee. In Dec 2012, Shelly was elected to the PMA Board of Directors, and currently serves as Vice President.

Shelly is certified in GYROTONIC®, having trained with Angela Crowley and has completed the first year of Franklin-Method® training with Eric Franklin. She has been a member of International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS), is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher.

Shelly danced professionally for 12 years with the Sacramento-based modern dance company Dale Scholl Dance/Art. She received her BS degree in Dance from California State University, Sacramento, where she served on the faculty from 1992-1998. She studied Pilates and worked as a physical therapy aide with Polestar President Brent Anderson at his clinic, Anderson Physical Therapy, in their native Sacramento for 7 years, and later moved with Polestar to Miami in 1998.

Shelly teaches nationally and internationally for Polestar Pilates Education. Shelly also administers exams, conducts Pilates workshops and Polestar Mentor and Educator trainings worldwide and brings a unique and fresh approach to the work of Joseph Pilates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-watch the Polestar Anatomy Online course after completing it?

Yes, you may review the course as many times as you like.

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