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Polestar Running Fundamentals and Conditioning

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About This Course

We were born to run and running is indeed one of the most popular sports in the world. In a society where the lifestyle is becoming more sedentary, it is essential to engage in any activity that improves all markers of health and reduces the risk of early death. Each year a very large number of runners are injured performing the very activity our bodies are designed for. Isn’t that strange? Decades of technological advances in sports equipment have not succeeded in reducing the incidence of running injuries. What is the solution? How can we run without injury?

Running is a skill where you need to know the rules. These rules are based on running biomechanics and neurophysiology. Knowledge of these two aspects will allow you to master your own skills as a runner and, after a process of learning and adaptation, will radically transform the way you run.

Join us in learning the fundamental techniques characteristic of safe and efficient running. Apply this knowledge to your clients, students and yourself to avoid common running injuries. Reconnect with your true nature and feel free as you run with good technique. Get ready to run faster, farther, forever.

Many people decide to start running to get in shape, but in reality you must first be in good shape before you can begin to run correctly. There is the misconception that to go from sitting at the computer to running a marathon you simply need to get out and run. In reality there is a learning process - requiring conditioning and adaptation. You need to practice running. Without this process it is likely that you will join the 80% of runners that are injured every year.

POLESTAR RUNNING has an international team of professionals passionate about movement, with over 25 years of experience improving the physical condition of people from all backgrounds. The Polestar Running course will allow you to prepare your body and mind to enjoy running safely and efficiently.

Learn not only the fundamental exercises to improve your ability to practice running, but also the why behind them. Only by knowing the functional requirements needed to run can you apply the corrective exercises to your clients, students, friends and ultimately yourself.


Anyone with a desire to run better and learn about their optimal technique is welcome!

Course Staff

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Juan Nieto

Juan Nieto PT, DO, PMA®-CPT has been developing his career as movement therapist and trainer since 2002. Initially he started working intensively as an osteopath and manual therapist. This experience leads him to explore the movement-related sciences as complement for his treatments.

He became a Polestar® Pilates certified instructor in 2003 when he discovered the true potential of the Pilates method as a rehabilitation technique. From then Juan has been focused researching and developing therapeutic applications within the Pilates environment in search of efficient movement and performance.

In 2004, Juan co-founded SLINGS, a studio that quickly became one of the references in the performance and rehab industry in Spain.

In 2008, at the same time he became the Polestar® licensee for Spain, Juan started as Polestar® Main Educator and Examiner. He is also a frequent international lecturer specialized in rehabilitation through movement and athletic performance.

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Blas Chamorro

Biography of instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the course?

You'll need your regular running gear, including your running shoes and something to take notes like a tablet, computer or a paper notepad.

Should I attend if I am not a runner?

Yes! We hope that this course will inspire you to run and equip you with the techniques you'll need to become an avid runner.

Should I attend if I have already taken other running courses?


I coach runners now, can I use these techniques with my clients?


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    Oct 04, 2015